Skylights & Solariums

Structure & Fabrication

We offer 8 different skylight systems. Typical assemblies are fully welded to provide strength and durability. Large site assembled units are designed with welded components and blind connections whenever possible, producing a clean aesthetic appearance. We can design our products to accommodate any special circumstances your project may have

A Lifetime of Leak-Free Performance

At Sun Valley Skylights, our exterior seal, designed for zero water penetration, is made from the finest materials available with a lifetime expectancy of up to 50 years. Our interior water control is accomplished through the use of integrated gutters designed into our extrusions. This permanent gutter system captures moisture from condensation or penetration and drains it to the outside


All of our designs are structurally engineered. Projects which require it are provided with wet stamped structural engineering to submit to local buildings authorities

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The choice of glazing is practically unlimited within the scope of what is workable for your application.  Our frame system can accommodate any of the glazing options available.

We will gladly assist you with your selection and can provide structural, thermal, and lighting performance specifications, as well as samples of your selections.  We can also provide in-depth knowledge of how to get a custom skylight passed through the building department, in alignment with your project’s Title 24 Energy Report.


All fabrication is done with mill finish aluminum. Prior to applying the finish, each part is carefully inspected for defects or production scratches, which are polished out. Visible welds are ground smooth as well, to provide the most aesthetic appearance possible.

We can provide all appropriate finishes for aluminum, as well as cladding with copper, stainless steel or any metal suitable for forming the required shapes. Kynar and Powder Coating are the typical paint finishes we provide and are available in thousands of colors. Our standard is a Powder-coated finish applied after the frames are welded.  We do not recommend anodized finishes on skylights as welding done on pre-anodized stock lengths creates unsightly and contaminated welds.


Our installation team are experienced professionals with extensive training. We have the proper equipment, a working OSHA approved safety program and the proper licenses and insurances.  We do most of the related flashing and water-proofing as part of the installation process and offer a 10 Year Leak Warranty on all of our installations.