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Design & Engineering

As a manufacturer and provider of many products combined with our in-house design and professional installation we can bring all the elements together.

Sun Valley’s entire organization is focused on one purpose:   To provide an effective contribution towards ensuring a successful project.

One of Sun Valley’s key strengths is our ability to provide a combination of products, in-house design and installation services. Our estimating and design team can help you select the right products for your project or create something entirely new if that’s what you need.

When designing and selecting the skylights, windows and doors for your project several key elements should be considered, let us help you make the best choice. 

We can also provide professional structural engineering and access to our extensive library of Skylight, Window & Door CAD details for design professionals.  See our Product pages and Download section for useful information and links.  Also, please feel free to contact us for any help we may be able to give you.

Skylights & Solariums

From our experience as a manufacturer and installer of custom and standard skylights and solariums we have developed the experience and knowledge required to consistently produce superior results. The project manager takes into account any unique qualities the project may have to ensure a smooth and successful fabrication and installation.

Our skylights are designed to be mechanically waterproof, in addition to using premium quality extruded gaskets and structural silicone.  Any moisture which may penetrate the primary exterior seals will be controlled and drained out of the frame system through the interior gutter. We also do most of the related flashing and water-proofing as part of the installation and offer a 10 Year Leak Warranty on all of our installations.

Typical connections and assemblies are fully welded to provide strength and durability.  Large site assembled units are designed with welded components and blind connections whenever possible, producing a clean aesthetic appearance. Our skylight systems can also accommodate any type of glazing material.

Sun Valley Retractable Skylight Systems are compatible with typical automated building systems, as well as offering stand alone control features. Our motor systems are available with rain and wind sensors and thermostatic controls. This is a popular option to provide access to roof decks and stairwell illumination.  If your project requires a retractable skylight, we have the expertise to deliver exactly what you need.

We are also a supplier of standard acrylic domes, tubular skylight systems, smoke hatches and Velux Skylights.

Windows & Doors

We offer several distinct styles of aluminum & steel windows and doors that enable us to provide the right type of window or door for your project.

Aluminum Windows and Doors manufactured by our Vendors offer all the types of windows and doors possible. This type of construction is typically factory assembled and glazed, then shipped to the job site ready to install.  With a few limitations most designs are possible with these systems and they are available in painted or anodized finishes.  This type can offer standard finishes for a faster lead time or reduced cost.

Horizontal Pivot Window manufactured by Sun Valley is a dramatic and unique option providing operability with very large openings.

Welded Steel or Bronze Windows & Doors manufactured by several vendors are provided with complete  shop drawings by Sun Valley and installed by our crews. This type of window or door is typically the most expensive with the longest lead times.

Sliding, Lift & Slide, Top-Hung & Bi-Fold Doors are provided from several vendors as well as custom fabricated by Sun Valley. 

Commercial Storefront & Glass Wall Systems available from several vendors, are used in residential construction when a large site erected glass wall is needed.  We can integrate these types of systems with many of the others we offer producing a seamless design.

Motorized Sliding Doors Sun Valley can offer the advantage of many years of design and fabrication experience with motorized doors.


The choice of glazing is practically unlimited.  Our skylight systems can accommodate all types of glazing and even different types and thickness within the same assembly of a multiple lite unit, true design freedom.

Of the three major types of glazing to choose from (Glass, Acrylic or Polycarbonate & Fiberglass panels), glass offers the most selections and creative opportunity. High performance Low-E coatings are now available on many types of glass with a wide range of performance characteristics. We can help you configure the exact right combination of performance and appearance for your project.

Sun Valley can also provide wind load & structural calculations, thermal and lighting performance specifications and samples of your selections or larger mock-ups for your review.

See the Download and Resources sections for links to glazing manufacturers and fabricators as well as catalogs of their products.


All welded products fabrication is done with mill finish aluminum.  Prior to applying the finish, each part is carefully inspected for defects and production scratches, which are corrected or polished out.  Visible welds are typically ground and sanded smooth to provide the most aesthetic appearance possible.

We provide all the appropriate finishes for aluminum, as well as cladding with Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel or any metal suitable for forming the required shapes.  Wood Grain thermal set finishes and Wood Cladding is available on select products.

Baked on finishes such as PPG-Duranar and Valspar-Fluropon  (Kynar 500 Coatings), Cenamelize (Kynar formulated to simulate Anodized colors) and Powder Coating are the typical finishes and are available in thousands of colors.  Anodizing is also an option available on select products in clear or bronze typically.  We can supply you with color charts to select from or visit the paint manufacturer’s websites thru our links in the Resources section to view their colors


All installations performed by our in house crews or qualified dealer/installers are guaranteed to be leak-free for 10 years (see Warranty for complete details).  Our installation standards are meant to last a lifetime and with the careful attention to detail and hard work our crews are noted for. A lifetime of trouble-free performance is accomplished on a daily basis.

We can offer the related Flashing, Water-Proofing and Sill Pans as part of our installation.  We typically install all projects in the Los Angeles area with our crews and thru qualified installers outside our area.  We can also provide the installation outside of our area when required.

With the use of cranes, specialty tools and proprietary equipment developed in our shop, we can install any project safely and economically.